Archery: The national sport of Bhutan

Players of both teams attain to guest speech

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan. Traditionally both bow and arrows are made of bamboo. It is played on several occasions and most commonly to celebrate Bhutanese New Year’s, gathering of royals and VIPs. The women also actively participates in the celebration by dancing and signing on the archery ground, and supporting their team and husband. The men wear gho (national dress for men) and women wear kira (national dress for women).


Archery Range/Ground and target at other end

There will be two targets on an archery ground and the distance between two targets is approximately 145 meters. The match is played

for a day or two, or even more depending on the occasion and availability of leisure time.





Women participate in dancing


Archery ground and target at other end.

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